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couple doing yoga at sunset

From the preface of “The Only Way Out Is In”

The practice of Yoga gives us the chance to experience the many different meanings of the word Yoga. It is the ability to direct the attention without interruption or distraction. It doesn’t matter whether this shift comes about through practicing asana (posture), pranyama (breath techniques), study and reading yogic texts or through meditation. It is still Yoga. Although it is primarily the physical aspect of our practice that people see as Yoga. They will rarely notice how we breath, and how we coordinate our breathing with our movement; they tend to only see our flexibility and suppleness. Some may want to know how many asanas we have mastered or how many minutes we can stay in a headstand.

Much more important than these outer manifestations is the way we feel the postures and the breath.

I passionately believe that Yoga can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old. My style of teaching focuses on the physiological and psychological problems of modern living such as tight hamstrings, lower back pain, a stiff neck, hunched up shoulders, low energy levels, digestive problems, negative emotions, sleep problems and stress.

My classes feature an unyielding spirit for bringing Yoga off the mat and into the world. I am thankful to Guru Daniel Aaron and all other inspiring teachers I have had the honour to meet on my yoga path for creating a spark within me to share this practice and way of life with others.

The truth cannot be heard, however if we listen well, we might hear it.