Dear yogi friends,
Coming off a year like 2020 that brought so many rare and special alignments, it may be difficult to view anything as a positive right now, but this full moon in Leo will highlight exactly what you’ve earned since the last Leo full moon that took place last February.
The first full moon of 2021, arriving this Thursday, January 28, in the sign of Leo, ruled by the sun and the element of fire (Agni.)
Fire represents the third chakra, called Manipura, an element that’s always in motion. Fire gives us mobility, power, warmth, transformation and light. Fire is the most respected and regarded element used in Vedic practices and it has two qualities – To eliminate and to illuminate.
The associated kriyas (poses) to harness and honour the energy of this full moon are heart openers and core – from a continuous uninterrupted flow of sequences to holding the poses for longer lengths of time, as well as specific breathing techniques – Such as the breath of fire.
Join me on Wednesday, January 27, to celebrate the energy of the first full moon of the year. <> This event is comprised of active meditation in the tradition of kundalini yoga.
Warmest Namaste