A total workout for the body, mind and heart. Kundalini works by freeing the flow of energy through seven power points in the body known as chakras. The word ‘chakra’ translates as ‘wheel’, and perhaps the best way of imagining them is as spinning vortexes at intervals along the spine, each radiating a different energy vibration that’s important to your health and happiness.

In this class we use a combination of kriya (posture), pranayama (breathing technique) and mantra (chanting) to calm the mind, release tension and stress and build strength and focus – giving us the armour we need to survive all that modern living throws at us.

Many of the positions and moves are of themselves quite simple and easy – it is the extended repetition that challenges us.

Persevere and you will find new resources of stamina you never imagined.

For a more in depth understanding of kundalini yoga click here.

Suitable for advanced beginners and upwards.

The Kundalini yoga class is on Monday evenings.

For a bespoke, private, Kundalini Yoga class, please email Sima.