hand of a woman meditating in a yoga pose on the beach

Yoga is present in every part of my life. It determines how I see the world, how I treat others and how I behave. My daily physical Yoga practice on the mat is my steady rock in this chaotic world full of expectations and disappointments and it is my desire to inspire others to embark on this journey towards wholeness.

I gained my 200+ hours Vibrant Living Yoga teacher certificate in Bali and have had the honour to practice with many inspiring teachers such as Daniel Aaron (Vibrant Living Yoga), Edward Clark (Tripsichore Yoga), Guru Simon Borg Olivier, an Olympic athlete from Synergy-style Yoga, Gabriel Cousens, MD (Doctor of Divinity), Holistic Medicine, world-recognised live-food nutritionist, Alanna Kaivalya (Jivamukti Yoga), Geoffrey Gordon (Ashtanga Yoga and Tantric meditation) and Emil Wendel (Yoga Philosophy and Pranyama).

I also completed a 40-hour Hot Power Yoga training in Costa Rica with Karen and Sean Conley (Amazing Yoga) and have attended several workshops with Maya Fiennes, a world renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher, successful classical Pianist and transformational guide.

I am a registered RYT 200+ hour teacher with Yoga Alliance International. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance International.

I play a variety of music in my classes based on a life-long obsession with sound that has guided me in the direction of music and vibration. I believe that sound profoundly affects us on an energetic and cellular level.

My degree in Literature has helped to deepen my understanding of this rich and varied tradition by reading yogic texts.

My intention is to create a space that will allow students to find health along with a deeper spiritual connection. The practice allows you to experience your inner strength by opening your physical body and increasing the flow of energy.

I chose the name “Aquarius Yoga” based on my strong belief that in this new age we live in, astrologically, the Age of Aquarius, we are all looking for more power and energy to help us cope calmly with the stresses of everyday living.

Yoga provides us with a pure form of long lasting energy that radiates from the core. Connecting our heart, mind and physical body, making us feel whole. For me, it is the secret of true joy and I hope to give you the same.