Woman in Lotus Fish pose or Padma Matsyasana.

“Sima, thank you so much for our introduction last Tuesday – it was hugely beneficial for both of us.  Both C. and I read the article in the paper last week and agree that yoga will be good for her in the long run on so many levels. She enjoyed Tuesday, but admitted that it was a lot to take it.  Being a little self-conscious, if you were able to give her some more time before our classes start in May, I think this would help even more.

For my part, I had done a little yoga before, but felt the benefits immediately after Tuesday.  It was as if something clicked and I have slept well all week and feel somewhat revitalised already.  I am thoroughly looking forward to May.

With thanks & kindest regards”

– Amanda


“Thank you for the wonderful class today – feeling really great now and ready to face the world! Am very happy for you that you sold your house, mixed with sadness too as I realise that you will be moving soon. Still I will keep coming to your classes for as long as you want yoga students! On that note, I will see you Monday!  Have a lovely weekend. Much love and light. Namaste.”

“I really appreciate your guidance and the fact that your share your wisdom and experience with me. You are one of those special people that I am privileged to know. You are definitely a light in my world Sima, I am grateful to know you. Love & Namaste.”

“Hi Sima, lovely to hear from you – hope your mid term break was a good one! I look forward to seeing you and enjoying the Thursday class as normal. You are a wonderful teacher, I really value your classes and have missed them I must say.”

“I really enjoyed the yoga practice today – I can feel that it has done my body and my mind the world of good!”

– Susi


“Thank you for a wonderful class today;  You are such a good teacher, very encouraging and not at all bossy!”

“I really missed yoga last week, but with half-term now coming to an end, I’m already thinking about next week!”

“Just to say how much I enjoyed your class yesterday. I must say, I was a little stiff this morning throughout my entire body, but I guess that shows that I was working!”

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s class – I floated around all day! Namaste.”

– Lorene


“I can’t begin to tell you how yoga has helped to change my life, I just want to keep on growing! Thank you for your inspiration, motivation & connection to your students and for imparting your knowledge in such a way that keeps us wanting more.”

“You are such a beautiful soul, thank also for blessing our lives and accompanying us at least some of the way on our journey of life. x”

“As I am sure you are aware we yogis consider ourselves very blessed to have such an amazing, inspirational teacher such as yourself. I welcome the opportunity to journey once again with you into another term and can confirm I would like to regularly attend.”

“Your balance of time for your mother & time for yourself sounds just right. Since my journey when first meeting you, I have come to realise that balance is beneficial in most things! I remember learning the nervous system when I was training in massage & reflexology. It is a fascinating subject & although I have forgotten a lot of it now, I look forward to refreshing my knowledge at some point & would love to hear about your workshop. Sounds like a lovely ‘unplanned’ experience! With love & light.”

– Louise


“You can ask my friends and family how much I rave about you: whenever the subject of yoga comes up, I always say what a wonderful teacher you are. Finding the perfect yoga class is all in the teacher. You impart so much more than simply the postures – there is a centering, energising spirituality flowing through your calm voice and wonderful spirit. Thank you.”

– Madelyn