Dear yogi friends,
The sun in Pisces forms an opposition to the Moon in Virgo, this Saturday, February 27.
It’s time to find balance between our physical identity, and the need for order ( Virgo ) – and shadow self, disorder and the infinite ( Pisces ).
As with all Full Moons, an illumination occurs in our lives during this time. We may experience a crisis of consciousness or a sudden awareness of a lack in our lives or even a new emotional feeling or revelation in our consciousness.
These awakenings provide us with an opportunity to explore our emotional needs and to express them.
The energy of this Full Moon is closely connected to the throat chakra where the thyroid gland is found. Its also connected to our metabolism and how the hormones work.
This chakra is the last to be associated with an element, and the element here is ether – a subtle, heavenly energy, said to be from beyond earth. This energy centre is all about truth, about listening to that inner voice and discovering your authentic self. It’s about the power of words, about knowledge, and the ability to communicate effectively.
This online event on Friday, February 26 at 6:00-7:30 pm is comprised of kundalini yoga kriyas to balance the energies of the throat chakra and meditation to expand your aura.
To join this event, please click the link – <>
Zoom doors open at 5:45
Love & Light