Dear Yogi/ni friends,
Today is Earth Day. A day when we can make a conscious effort to save our planet and keep it green and healthy.
The idea of a day dedicated to environmental consciousness was first proposed in 1969 after a massive oil spill in California. The notion was boosted by an anti-war movement taking place at the same time in the USA and together they gained momentum to bring public awareness about air and water pollution, later, on April 22nd, 1970, millions of people took the streets demanding measures to stop the deterioration of the environment. They wanted a more sustainable structure to save our planet and keep it green and healthy.
That was the first seed planted for the international celebration of Earth day.
Yoga and the wellbeing of our planet have always gone hand-in-hand. The relation comes naturally; It is the place that we live in, and as yogis, we are aware of our union with all living beings on it, we are not separate. Our bodies are made of the elements; we eat, drink and breathe from what the earth provides. So, we should honour it every day – but especially on Earth Day.
Today take your yoga practice outdoors, barefooted on the grass. Feel the earth beneath your feet while you pull healing energy from it. As it’s another beautiful day with plenty of sun shine, why not perform surya namaskar ( sun salutation ) to greet the sun the way it deserves to be greeted or meditate to attract the energies of all the elements, the sun, the moon and the infinite spirit to bring deep healing.
Today we can restore some of the damage we’ve caused to our beloved planet.
Namaste & much love