Dear Yogi/ni friends
I hope you are all adjusting well to the change of routine and allowing this change to empower you. You all know deep down that change is the very essence of life and when you surrender to it, it can open the doorway to a deeper understanding of who you really are in a dark room and what you really want – questioning your values and your purpose on earth!
I would like to say how delighted I am with the response to the online classes so far. I realise it is not the same as all of us being in a room together but it’s all we have at the moment and hopefully not for very long!! Please keep your feedback and your ideas coming. They are very much appreciated.
Just to let you know I have added new online classes to give you a little more variety to match your mood. <> I am particularly excited about the Full Moon Kundalini Meditation Class next Thursday 07 May. Join me to honour the healing power of the Scorpio Full Moon to illuminate everything on the inside! Please note: You can pay for this class only if you want to – or if you are able to.
Finally, I am going to share with you a section of a book I’m reading – Yoga For Real Life, by Maya Fiennes. It is about being alone…..! I realise maybe I should have shared this with you a few weeks ago as I see and hear how swiftly our busy lives have returned even in lock down:)))
Being alone…….
Most of us are going to find ourselves alone at some point in our lives, whether by conscious choice or having it forced upon us. In our society it is often assumed that a person alone is to be pitied. Yet in many ways solitude is an empowering and often welcome gift, depending on our particular circumstances.
It can be a chance to explore our own needs and desires away from the pressures of putting others first, and an opportunity to connect to the self.
Many of us look outside ourselves for reassurance – from society, our culture, our peers, but the answer most often lies within.
Time alone gives us the space to reflect and communicate with ourselves. As we learn through solitude to connect to our deeper and higher selves and become more aware, living life more fully and creatively, we find that these gains can enhance our relationships in new vital ways.
Now, clearly, there is a difference between choosing to spend time alone and having it forced upon us – but alone as we feel at these times, we are never really alone…….
“In me I have found only one reality: that I breathe in, and I breathe out. And so anything that breathes in or out is reality. When I found this as a reality in everybody, I found myself in everybody and everybody in myself.” Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004)
With Gratitude