Dear Yogi/nis,
I thank you all for the emails and participating in the online classes. I am amazed at how we have adjusted to this new way of practicing and interacting. We will continue the online classes for the time being and consider restarting the group classes ( reduced numbers ) in the months ahead. As always, I am guided by you and really appreciate your feedback on this.
I have added a new class this week, on Thursday 04 June 8:15-9:30 pm, to honour the power of the Full moon and Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon represents the fullness and glowing radiance of our consciousness. Dancing, gazing, chanting, and basking in the full moon at this time can bring forth deep healing and profound stillness of being. We will practice the full mandala of yogic arts ( movement, pranayama, meditation and rest ), to release the accumulated stress of the past month and prepare for the month to come.
Every month, I would like to share with you a yoga related topic, this month, I have chosen – LIVING IN THE MOMENT…………
If here’s a single skill you should learn in order to guarantee a full, happy, healthy, meaningful life, it is this. Be here, now. Be present and aware. Live in the moment. That’s easy to say, of course, and far harder to do in our everyday lives. We all have memories of being on holiday, watching the sun set over the sea or the mountains, and the sense of awe and wonder we get as the sky lights up in shades of red, pink and gold, that feeling of peace and connectedness. Yet the sun sets every day when we’re at home, too, and we barely notice.
We lead increasingly busy lives, juggling work, family, chores and all the other things on our seemingly endless to-do list, while being bombarded with an ever-growing amount of information and distractions. We have hundreds of TV channels, too many magazines, while shops and supermarkets have such a wide selection of goods that sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. And with the internet, the amount of information, entertainment and goods grow by the day. Nor does it stop when we look away from the screen. Those phone calls, texts and emails keep coming, even when we’re on the move. In many ways, these technologies have made our lives better. But most of us have a nagging feeling that something is missing. And that something is often you.
We forget ourselves all the time because we’re too wrapped up in the stories running through our heads. We find it hard to be in the present because we’re still trapped in the past, re-running old grievances, love affairs, things we wish we’d said or done or regret saying or doing. Either that or we’re running ahead of ourselves into the future. We can’t change the past. We can’t control the future. We can’t control the present either, but we do get to choose how we react to what is going on around us, how we feel about it – and that often affects what happens next.
So how do we change? We do the easiest, most natural thing in the world. We breathe. Stop. Take a deep, cleansing breath. In fact, treat yourself, take a few more. Air is free, yet we’re often shockingly mean with how much we allow ourselves to have. Bringing yourself back into the moment is that simple. What’s difficult is remembering to do it.
In religious communities, bells are often sounded at certain times of day to remind people to pray or meditate, to silence their mental chatter. You can think of more every day things that will remind you to come back to that moment. When you’re queuing in a shop, for instance, you could get into the habit of taking a few deep breaths or when you’re driving, every time you stop at a red light. You won’t take any longer to get where you’re going, but you might arrive a lot less stressed! All those repetitive and random tasks you do at work and home can be used as opportunities, reminders to quieten all that mental chatter and just open yourself up to the here and now.
“Every morning, when we wake up, we have twenty – four brand new hours to live. What a precious gift!” THICH NAHT HANH ( b. 1926)
Namaste & Love