“You, yourself; as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Gautama Buddha Spring is a great time to begin or to recommit to your yoga practice. As nature wakes up after winter, so too we feel more energised and more motivated to recommit to practices that we know are good for us. So celebrate this season of reawakening by taking time out to rest, renew and be kind to yourself. New term begins next Monday 11 April at Market Square – Prepare for a powerful standing pose practice that will tone, strengthen and develop flexibility in your whole body with a focus on your lower body, leading to a creative flow. This class is for you, if you have short hamstrings, tight hips, experience back discomfort or simply wish to become more root conscious. Hatha yoga class at St Mary’s will resume on Thursday 14 April – The purpose of this class is to open the hips. Sitting for long periods of time results in consistent compression of the hip flexors – The muscles that join your abdomen to your legs. This compression in the hip flexors can affects the muscles and structures both above and below the hips resulting in knee and lower back pain. Running and cycling can also result in unhappy hips due to the repeated use of the hip flexors to lift the leg to propel you forward. The hips are also the most common storage place for unresolved emotions. By releasing muscular tension in the hips, suppressed emotions can be freed. Wednesday evening Core Conscious class has been suspended for 3 weeks – revised date to be confirmed. My sincere apologies to yogi/nis who put their names down for this course. I saw this article in The Guardian about yoga going viral among global leaders and thought you might like to see it. …..! www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2016/mar/30/why-justin-trudeau-and-other-world-leade Introducing Heather Hall…… Most of you know Heather as a fellow Yogi – I know Heather as a spiritual yogi and a competent Hypnotherapist and am excited to announce her LIFESTYLE & WELLBEING event on Friday 08 April. See below for more details…….. For more information or to find out about term dates, please refer to my homepage aquariusyoga.co.uk/ I hope you had a good Easter break and look forward to seeing you back on your mats next week. Om Shanti Have a wonderful Easter. Shine on 🙂